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The Next Generation Composite Wrap With an average thickness of 6 mm, the EMSOL SCW-5000 is able to repair and restore mechanical integrity on pipes affected up to 90% wall thickness loss operating at pressures ranging from 1 to 130 kgf/cm2.

An extraordinary Carbon Fiber Composite Wrap developed using the most advanced engineering methods. The EMSOL SCW-5000 was created to fulfil our customer needs, focusing on daily maintenance issues on pipelines. Designed under ASME-PCC-2 & ISO/TS24817 Standards, and tested under several ASTM Methods the SCW-5000 is the best alternative to handle your corrosion & integrity problems on pipelines.


  • - High performance at high pressures – Designed to withstand operational pressures from 1 to 130 kgf/cm2
  • - A standardized system – A single 4 layers system for most repairs, even at 130 kgf/cm2
  • - A safe system – It only requires manual cleaning of the surface to be applied, not abrasive blasting at all.
  • - It can be applied under operational conditions. This means you’re saving time, and money.
  • - Specified as Permanent Repair for several Regulations worldwide.
  • - Once cured, the SCW-5000 creates a Composite Wrap compatible with cathodic protection, protects your pipeline from external corrosion, and prevents damage caused by internal corrosion, lamination, and other defects. It also restores structural integrity on pipelines affected by loss of thickness up to 90%.
  • - It can be applied on aerial pipes, buried pipes, tees, accessories, elbows.
  • - All of the mentioned above only in a 6 mm thick system.