REPTECH COLOMBIA LTDA was founded on November 11th, 1.994 in Bogota, Colombia and it was constituted from the beginning as a limited nature society. Since April 2.011, our company change its name to REPTECH COLOMBIA SAS.

The initial idea was to create a company that supply all market needs for oil and gas industry, which has been consolidating over the years through the combined efforts of a special working team.

Thanks to the versatility that has our represented products lines; REPTECH COLOMBIA SAS has made inroads into other kinds of industry such as food, water, chemical, offshore structures, among others.

The company has the exclusive representation and technical support from foreign companies with extensive experience in the manufacture of equipment and materials always based on high technology. This helps ensure the integrity of the performance of products in each of the projects led by and full complying with its principle of providing high quality services to customers


To REPTECH COLOMBIA SAS is essential to obtain customer satisfaction. In order to accomplish this policy, REPTECH COLOMBIA SAS has staff trained, integrated and motivated; responsible for providing products and services that satisfies your needs with maximum quality, from compliance and Service Guarantee.

To achieve this purpose, the company develops criteria of ethical and moral responsibility that underpin their performance within the legal framework that governs it. In addition, REPTECH COLOMBIA SAS, has continuous process improvement, technology development, participation and commitment of the entire team led and supported by senior management.


The central commitment of REPTECH COLOMBIA SAS, is the satisfaction of customer needs and expectations, providing solutions to prevent and control the different situations that may damage the infrastructure of the entire oil sector at the national level, with the most advanced technology, ensuring their effectiveness over time and thus remain as leaders in service.


We will be in 2025 the company with the most advanced technology for the oil industry, thereby distinguishing ourselves as the company that offers the best alternative solutions to prevent and solve the various problems that occur in this sector.

Likewise, will be consolidated to REPTECH COLOMBIA SAS, a company with excellent profitability and stability over time, due to the market penetration of hydrocarbons.

Finally REPTECH COLOMBIA SAS, maintain leadership in service that satisfies the customer needs and expectations of our services and products