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Tapes and coatings for water pipes, oil and gas pipelines. Products manufactured based on non-biodegradable microcrystalline waxes to make the coating lines and crude oil, may be buried, submerged or outdoors. From easy installation and excellent performance.


Wax-Tape #1

Preventing corrosion in pipes buried in the presence of moisture, and uneven surfaces. Does not require curing times, so you can cover the trench immediately. It does not contain toxic or hazardous fumes.


Wax-Tape #2

Preventing corrosion of pipes exposed to the environment, such as: steps of bridges, pipes, valves and step in vaults. It molds easily into irregular surfaces. A simple and inexpensive solution for damages in existing coatings.


Wax-Tape HT 3000

Trenton HT-3000 Wax-Tape® is a specially formulated wax- based tape used for corrosion protection of metal pipe and fixtures experiencing higher than normal temperatures. When used in combination with Trenton Temcoat 3000TM primer, this easy-to-apply tape delivers highly effective and durable corrosion protection to bare or coated surfaces in a wide range of field conditions.

END USE: HT-3000 Wax-Tape can be ap- plied and will perform effectively at continuous operating temper- atures of up to 230°F (110°C) and is designed for use in aboveground and belowground applications.

MC OuterWrap

MC Outerwrap™ is a specialized blend of quick curing resins impregnated into a fiberglass fabric. It provides soil stress and backfill protection to coatings that need additional mechanical strength. MC Outerwrap is specifically designed as a “hard shell,” UV stable outerwrap over the Wax-Tapes. It can also be used over other coatings. It is sold complete with gloves and Trenton End Adhesive. MC Outerwrap is hand applied, with no other application materials needed.

Fill-Coat #2 / Pre-Con

It's a filler for Camisado with implementation cold. It is ideal for Camisado with minor requirements, to apply for bomb mastics. It is an additive that corrosion inhibitor added to an existing contratubo neutralizes the water in it. Proceeds Trenton patented.