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Hot Tapping Machines to be at the forefront of on-site machining technology; enabling global customers across a number of sectors - including energy, offshore, subsea, renewable and mining - to perform on-site operations efficiently, effectively and safely.

  • Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Machines

With industry-leading. patented features such as close cutting helical gear drive; rotary pressure seals; and four fixed feeds for differing pipeline conditions, the range of hot tapping machines is the right choice for your application. Lightweight yet robust, subsea versions are also available.

  • Drilling and Tapping Machines

Portable drilling and tapping machines use the latest linear guide ways and heavy duty spindles with ISO standard spindle tapers. Machines are available with mounting switch magnets, to provide a versatile range of applications.

  • Orbital Milling Machines

Specifically developed for the machining of large flanges, wind turbine rotor blades and wind turbine tower flanges, the range of orbital milling machines provide fast material removal with high accuracy machining.

  • Milling Machines & Gantry Milling

This precision range of portable milling machines can be used in conjunction with other portable machine tools to undertake a range of applications, such as heat exchanger repairs. Available with mounting switch magnets for efficient machine mounting and set up.