Cold cutting equipment pipe cutter bars, perforated bars, beams, high purity piping, alloys, fintube, tubing, casing and tanks up to 33 feet in Flanges facings. Portable Operating valves for oil, gas and water pipelines.

Cold Cutting Machines and surface preparation to 72 "

Split Frames

The Split Frames are the world’s most versatile and comprehensive line of clamshell style portable pipe cutting and beveling machine tools on the market today. Designed to cut, bevel, single point, counterbore and face flanges on pipe and tubing ranging from .5 to 84 inches O.D. (DN15-2100) on most wall thicknesses and materials, Wachs has a split frame to fit most size pipe, tube or vessels.

SDSF Small Diameter Split Frame

LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame

HDSF Heavy Duty Split Frame


The Trav-L-Cutter is ideal for severing and beveling all common pipe materials, wall thicknesses and sizes from 6” (DN150) on up. Its special milling blades, with standard weld bevel capabilities of 30° & 37.5° removing 188” (4.8mm) of metal during operation, leaves the pipe ends with a fine milled finish with no heat affected zone (HAZ).

Trav-L-Cutter (Air Kit - Hyd Kit)

Guillotine Pipe Saw

Our family of portable Guillotine pipe saws are designed to cold cut 2” through 32” (DN50-800) pipe, as well as solids such as bar stock, rails and beams. Their compact design and quick setup make it the ideal saw for contractors, pipeline operations, refineries, petrochemical and processing plants, and anywhere a fast, safe cut is needed. In use virtually everywhere, they’re strong yet light, simple to mount, simple to operate and simply bulletproof. The four Guillotine® models available, from smallest to largest, are the Super C, Model D, Super D and Goliath. All set up quickly with a positive chain mounting system that uses a machined cast iron “V” saddle for perfectly square cuts. Operation is easy with finger-tip feed control, and all use an orbital cutting motion that lifts the blade on the return stroke, dramatically extending blade life. From simple to difficult, pipe to solids, carbon to stainless, safe to hazardous, above water or below, whatever the cutting task Wachs has a Guillotine pipe saw for the job.

Surface Preparation Systems to 12 "and Rectification of Faces Mounting Flanges Inner Diameter to 22"

EP 424 End Prep

SDB End Prep

End Prep Beveling

The EP 424 with the Speed Prep auto feed system is a precision I.D. mount end prep machine tool designed to bevel, compound bevel, J prep, face and counterbore pipe, fittings and valves. Utilizing a revolutionary mechanism that feeds simultaneously in the axial and radial planes, the Speed Prep EP 424 is simple to use, even for an inexperienced operator. It is powerful enough to form tool from 4” to 16” (DN100-400) through Schedule 160, and will single point from 4” to 24” (DN100-600) up to a 6.5” (165mm) wall thickness. The SDB line of small diameter bevelers have been engineered for fast, precise onsite facing, beveling, compound beveling and counterboring of light and heavy wall pipe, tube or casing. Proven workhorses, they set up quickly with a self centering mandrel and chuck assembly mounting to the pipe I.D. Three models are available to prep from .875” (22.2mm) to 12.75” (323.9mm) O.D.

Flange Facing

Flange facing is the process of resurfacing flanges by machining new mating surfaces, to ensure a perfect seal when assembled. Utilizing the new series flange facing machines, anyone can produce a lathe quality record groove, RMS 500, 250, 125 & 63 surface finish on flat, raised or recessed face flanges in minutes. Based on the powerful SDB series I.D. mount end prep machines, the Wachs FF series flange facers offer a rugged, lightweight and compact design that allows them to fit into elbows and tight quarters. With the addition of the SDB Conversion Kit, the FF models can be converted into SDB series machines, giving them the ability to face, bevel, compound bevel and counterbore.

Flange Facers

Boiler Tube Bevelers

We offer a complete line of portable boiler tube beveling and cutting tools that are designed to deliver maximum power in a rugged, lightweight form factor that’s easy to handle and operate.  These include five models to handle most common tasks in boiler maintenance and replacement projects:

  • - CB (Compact) Beveler with an extemely compact, narrow .75" (19mm) machine width
  • - SB (Small) Beveler, one of the smallest and lightest I.D. bevelers in its class
  • - MB Plus (Medium) Beveler, newly redesigned and faster, more powerful and durable.
  • - LB (Large) Beveler to handle from .50” to 4.5” (12.7mm to 114.3mm) O.D.
  • - EB (Excavation) Beveler designed for weld excavation of dissimiliar welds

Boiler Tube Bevelers

High Purity Tube Facers

Orbitalum High Purity line of portable, compact electric powered machine tools include the FSE (Fitting Squaring Electric), the TSE (Tube Squaring Electric) and TFS (Tube Fitting Squaring) series. In the sub 1.0” (25.4mm) diameter range, the FSE 1.0 is designed for squaring fittings and tube, while the Wachs TSE 1.0 is built for production tube squaring. Orbitalum line of portable electric machine tools is designed to produce square, burr free end preps on stainless steel tube and fittings. Wachs innovative micrometer style linear feed delivers precise material removal for critical length control on high purity preps.

High Purity Tube Facers

Portable Valve Operators to 800 lb / ft and Hydraulic Power Units

P-2 Valve Operators
(Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic)

RS-2 Valve Operators
(Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic)

Handheld Valve Operators

The powered handheld valve operators are built for quick operation and exercising of non rising (P-2) and rising stem valves (RS-2). Available in pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drive, the P-2 and RS-2 are powerful and highly portable for quick and safe operation of most valves, handwheel valves and post indicator valves (PIV). The handheld operators are designed for safety – safety of the operator, and safety of your operation. These powerful handhelds spares the arm and back injuries associated with manually attempting to turn large, stubborn or frozen industrial valves. Safety takes on a new meaning when valves have to be opened or closed quickly in critical situations, as Wachs valve turners operate much faster than even the strongest individual.

Hydraulic Power Units

The hydraulic power units are the ideal choice for smooth, reliable hydraulic power, in the shop or in the field. Powered by gasoline, diesel, or electric with your choice of cart, trailer or skid mounting there’s a unit to fit your exact pressure and flow needs. Hydraulic power units (HPUs) pack more power in less space than any other source. Because they’re completely sealed, hydraulics are the perfect choice for partial immersion, offshore use, the desert and other difficult environments. No matter which unit you choose, every model offers rugged reliability, convenience and perfect flow and pressure delivery. Wachs light and medium duty cart mounted units offer maximum portability and a compact footprint. All cart models feature collapsible handles and sturdy tires, and can be easily converted to skid mount. Gasoline and diesel powered models come standard with low engine oil shut off devices. Wachs electric powered models are ideal for indoor use. The heavy duty, electric powered 440V Wachs HPU-15 is the superior choice for power plants, fabrication shops and contractor sites where a powerful, smooth, continuous power source is needed to operate hydraulic machinery, as well as other types of hydraulic equipment. Specialized units to meet unique customer requirements are available by special order.

Hydraulic Power Unit 9-30HP
(Gasoline, Electric, Diesel)

Other Products

Also, we offer a wide range of machine tools built for specialized applications outside of pipe cutting and general weld preps. These machines, with their applications, include:

  • - LCSF Split Frames accessories, that combine to make the LCSF the industry's most complete machining system.  They include bridge slides, tool slides and individual ring sets for those looking to expand their pipe range sizes and who already own E.H. Wachs drives and tool slides.
  • - EICC External Internal Casing Cutter - utilizes a Wachs split frame mounted around the O.D. of the casing, designed to use an I.D. cutting head to cut casing below the wellhead, and the split fame to cut the outer casing
  • - ICC Casing Cutter – a remote control, purpose built specialized machine that is lowered inside the casing, clamped with retractable pads and severs the casing from the inside to the outside
  • - Multi-Axial PowerDrill – a powerful, hydraulically powered industrial drill with the ability to drill up to a 5” (127mm) hole in heavy wall pipe. Articulates in five axes for unparalleled versatility in drilling and threading operations
  • - Weld Coupon Station – a weld coupon is a small section of pipe, prepared with bevels, used by welding students for practicing purposes and for final testing. Wachs Weld Coupon Station can create perfect practice coupons from ordinary pipe that can be re-prepped over and over again, saving thousands for a school or hall in training materials
  • - ATM Air Treatment Modules for treating the air supply for pnuematic powered machine tools



Cutting & Beveling Machine LCSF26/3

Cutting & Beveling Machine - HeavyDuty HDSF3648/3

Cutting Machine - Travel & Cutter (Pneumatic)

Guillotine Pipe Saw Model D (Pneumatic)

Guillotin Pipe Saw Goliath (Pneumatic)

End Prep Beveling machine (Pneumatic)

Flange Facer (Pneumatic)

High Purity Tube Facer (Electric)

Handheld Valve Operator (Pneumatic)